Congratulations Mr. Martin and Mrs. Rutledge!
Input on Instructional Materials

Coweta County School System is currently reviewing instructional materials to support reading instruction in kindergarten and first grade classrooms.  The materials to be reviewed are teacher guides for phonemic awareness activities.  Phonemic awareness skills are strong predictors of reading success.

Your feedback will be utilized in our review for the adoption process and for a possible future purchase.  Please visit this site to learn more about the products and share your input.

Important May Dates...

2 - Progress Reports

9 - School Council meeting (click here to join online)

10-19 Milestones Assessment, 3rd-5th grades

23 - Eagle Fest and Water Day (PBIS)

25 - 1st grade Awards, 8:30; 2nd grade Awards, 9:45

26 - 3rd grade Awards, 10:00; 4th grade Awards, 1:00

27 - Kindergarten Awards, 8:30; PreK Awards (in classroom), 9:00; 5th grade Awards, 10:00; Last Day of School

Milestones Calendar

May's Milestones Assessment Calendar

Free or Reduced Lunch and Backpack Buddies
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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to empower students through...

Rigorous Work and High Expectations in a Safe Environment

Title I Step It Up Day in May

During the month of May, your child will get the opportunity to spend some time in a classroom in the grade where they will be next year. The idea is to get them used to the expectations of the grade level above them and give them some ideas about what they can do over the summer to get ready for next year. Below are some resources you can use with your child to get an idea about what your child will learn next year as well as some ways to continue practicing important skills over the summer.

Click here for parent resources that go along with Step It Up Day!